Friday, May 26, 2017

Getting VM's list which has snapshot

Snapshot feature is awesome; it helped administrators and developed in many difficult situation.

For troubleshooting and doing testing many VMware administrators get requests for creating snapshots.

With above features it has many disadvantages and biggest one is described below.
As snapshot disks has no limitations they can grow up to entire datastore size. and if you dont have proper monitoring set it will take you ti the situation where VM's become unresponsive.

To get the list of VM's which has snapshots you just run below command on powercli and it will get you list of VM's which has snapshots created.

get-vm | get-snapshot | format-lis

I dont have any output screenshot to show you but I will get uploaded as soon as possible.

There are many switch we can use with above command to export output with multiple format.

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