Monday, November 15, 2021

NSX Controller Disk Check

 Many times I have seen that NSX controllers disk get full due to logs. We cannot performed this log cleanup without VMware support.

Below are the steps which can be performed after login into NSX controllers

show status
(This command will show us the status of disk utilization)

#cd /var/log/core

#df -h

# cd /var/log

# ls -ltr

(Below commands can be performed only when you are with VMware support)

st en


(Below command can will give you password for root account)

/home/secureall/secureall/sem/WEB-INF/classes/ controller-2

: debug os-shell

(Remmeber the : is part of command)

and type passwrod from above sh command 

restart the syslog service

/usr/bin/systemctl restart rsyslog.service 


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