Friday, February 10, 2017

I am now "Rahim Shaikh" The VMware vExpert 2017

Hello Guys, Its been long time & I was super busy with my office work.

I have a good news for everyone, I got VMware vExpert batch for 2017; few months back I had written blog post on vExpert application as well and today I got email from VMware that they have granted me VMware vExpert Award 2017.

I also confirmed on VMware site & my name is there listed as "Rahim Shaikh" with my twitter id 'rahimras'

I feel good now & finally my efforts are getting visible to VMware.

Thanks for Reading.

Rahim Shaikh
VCAP, vExpert 2017.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

AD DC disaster recovery planning

Please check my recent video on ADDC recovery planing for disaster recovery.

Please find youtube video link below; please like and share my channel.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

VMware vSphere 6.5 - Whats New, Documents & VCP

Its been long time, I have not shared any post recently, I was very busy with some personal stuff....

Recently VMware released v Sphere 6.5 and I want to discuss whats new in vSphere 6.5 and also I would like to share some docs published by VMware which could help you to work for your VCP examinations.

Whats New in vSphere6.5:
There are many new addition and extra

Scale Enhancements – New configuration maximums to support even the largest app environments
VMware vCenter Server® Appliance – The single control center and core building block for vSphere
vCenter Server® High Availability – Native vCenter Server high availability solution
vCenter Server Backup and Restore – Native vCenter Server Backup and Restore
vCenter Server Appliance Tool – Single step migration and upgrade of existing vCenter Server to vCenter Server Appliance
REST APIs – Simple, modern developer-friendly APIs vSphere Client – HTML5-based GUI that ensures fast performance and cross-platform compatibility
Security-at-Scale – Policy-driven security that makes securing infrastructure operationally simple
Encryption – VM-level encryption protects unauthorized data access both at-rest and in-motion
Audit-quality logging – Enhanced logging that provides forensic information about user actions
Secure Boot – Protection for both the hypervisor and guest operating system by ensuring images have not been tampered with and preventing loading of unauthorized components
vSphere Integrated Containers™ – Virtual infrastructure platform for containers
Proactive HA – High availability capability that utilizes server health information and migrates VMs from degraded hosts before problem occurs
Cross-Cloud vMotion® – Live migrate workloads between VMware based clouds
Virtual Volumes™ Replication – Native array virtual volumes replication
Licence Edition - (Image from whats new doc)

Documents for your study and certification

Thanks to for making it available for free....

vSphere Installation and Setup Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Upgrade Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Migration Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vCenter Server and Host Management Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vCenter Server Appliance Configuration Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Virtual Machine Administration Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Host Profiles Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Networking Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Storage Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Security Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Resource Management Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Availability Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Monitoring and Performance Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Single Host Management – VMware Host Clienthtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Administration with the vSphere Client Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Troubleshootinghtmlpdfepubmobi
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Windows 2008 R2, 2012 & 2016 force boot in Safe mode, DSRM and safe mode with networking

Last week a operations engineer were struggling for booting a windows 2008r2 VM in safe mode. I though of writing blog post for steps booting any Windows in safe mode.

With any windows VM pressing F8 option is very painful task as VM will enter into booting process as soon as you start the VM.

Till physical windows box F8 is very common option to select the boot mode. but if you want to boot windows box forcefuly in SAFE MODE you can use easy option called MSCONFIG.

1) login to system with admin credentials

2) Open RUN and type command 'MSCONFIG' (without quotes)

3) Hit enter

4) in MSconfig window click on Boot menu tab.

5) Check the option Safe Boot and click on OK button

6) Reboot the system, and it will boot in safe mode automatically.

Note: also revert the change back to normal mode by removing checkbox for safe mode

You can still use F8 option to use multiple boot option as well.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 25, 2016

VCIX Beta Exam Experience (3V0-623: VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Deployment Exam Beta)

Exam 3V0-623: VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Deployment Exam Beta:

Last week I got chance to attempt VMware VCIX 6 certification exam & I just want to share my experience with my blog readers.

Last month I received special invite for VCIX 6 Beta Certification as I am already VCAP 5; I had only 2 and half week to study and refresh my skills on VMware vSphere 6. I was very busy with my office work and personal life but I was able to manage some extra efforts for preparation.

I downloaded Blueprint from VMware website and started reading. VMware has came up with lost of new goodies with vSphere 6. I will encourage you all to study hard with each and every point form blueprint.

I have signed VMware N.D.A. so I will not be sharing any questions from exam so please dont ask for questions or dumps because this exam is based on implementation and troubleshooting skills.

Do & Don't to become VCIX. or How to Pass VCAP Certification?

Attempting VCIX is very easy but passing VCIX is very hard, you need skills with hand on experience in VMware vShepre and vCenter.
This exam can not be passed with the help of dumps or questions so no dumps will help you... LOL

  • Study Hard with Blueprint
  • Build the lab and make sure you perform all practicals atelast once or twice in your lab.
  • Read for difficult Network & storage concepts
  • Fallow the best practice from VMware
  • Clear your knowledge on HA and DRS concepts and also configure advance options in your lab. 
  • Read listed below point carefully and fallow tips if you want to pass your examination.
  • Read all documents form VMware (Free available)
  • Register for CBT Nuggets or Plural Site training and take advantage from trainers skills
  • Try gaining some knowledge on Storage and Networking concepts
  • Learn power-shell scripting & VMware PowerCLI
  • Learn VMware Update Manager
  • Study about VDP
  • Schedule Your Exam to nearest location of your place.
  • Eat enough Breakfast also there is no break in exam for washroom. (It will be 270 minutes exam without break)
  • Take care of your health from week before your test; dont fall sick before exam
  • Reach exam center before time.
I have already collected all VMware training books (Free from VMware) thanks to VMware which you can download form here.

Apart from this I found there were some problem with the lab which I have already reported to VMware, which will not be there in actual live exam so nothing to worry.

All the beast!!

Let me know if you need any help... I am happy to help.

Thanks for Reading.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

All VMware vCenter related services were not starting after VMware tools installation.

Hi Reader,

Hope you are doing good..
Today I found strange problem with VMware vCenter.


All VMware vCenter related services were not starting after VMware tools installation.


I was doing VMware SRM test in my lab, I install the windows 2012R2 VM and forgot to install VMware tools on the box and started
the VMware vCenter installtion. After finish vCenter instllation I found that VMware tools are missing.

I Added one host to cluster & began with Vmware tools installation.
After scuseedull installation of VMware tools I saw VMware webclient is not working, after cheking VMware Services in Services.msc
i found non of the Vmware service  is running, I tried all of them mnaually. I cheecked the dependuncey even registorey.

I searched all event logs but nothing I found related the issue.

I even rebooted system twice and also left the system ideal for 12 hrs but still the same.

No Vmware vCenter Service is running.


I came accross with this problme only after installation of VMware tools and fresh Reboot, I decided to remove Vmware tools and rebooted the server.

And Wallaaaaa Server is Up with all services running.

I was shocked with this result but I was happy to see server is up and working fine.

I am still running my lab vCenter without tools.

I am working with VMware to find the root cause.

Hope you may resolve your prblem with this same.

Thanks for Reading