Wednesday, May 8, 2019

AWS Certified Solution Architect - Passed!!!

Good News ! Last week I manage to pass AWS Architect Exam and I would like to share my experience which may help you to pass the exam.

Exam is challenging and easy too, if you know all products and features from AWS console it will be very easy for you if not you know the answer.

Preparation - 
I used Pluralsight training to learn and practice all lab practicals, though I have also completed professional training from AWS you will have to perform each and every lab form AWS.

I will recommend to read and understand Cheat Sheets by 

Make sure you open AWS account perform all possible labs in your account. DONT FORGET TO DELETE THE RESOURCES AFTER USER OR YOU WILL END UP WITH BIG INVOICE FROM AWS. USE FEATURE CALLED AWS Budget to make sure you are using limited resources.

You can use practice questions and answers to be aware about questions types or test your skills. You will not find single question from dumps in real exam.

Say BIG NO to dumps. AWS exam is something which you can not pass with dumps so please dont believe on anyone who says that just use brain dumps and pass the exam. Its simply not possible.

I will try to create some videos on this if time permits. 
Finally reach out to me if you have any questions.


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