Thursday, October 27, 2016

VMware vSphere 6.5 - Whats New, Documents & VCP

Its been long time, I have not shared any post recently, I was very busy with some personal stuff....

Recently VMware released v Sphere 6.5 and I want to discuss whats new in vSphere 6.5 and also I would like to share some docs published by VMware which could help you to work for your VCP examinations.

Whats New in vSphere6.5:
There are many new addition and extra

Scale Enhancements – New configuration maximums to support even the largest app environments
VMware vCenter Server® Appliance – The single control center and core building block for vSphere
vCenter Server® High Availability – Native vCenter Server high availability solution
vCenter Server Backup and Restore – Native vCenter Server Backup and Restore
vCenter Server Appliance Tool – Single step migration and upgrade of existing vCenter Server to vCenter Server Appliance
REST APIs – Simple, modern developer-friendly APIs vSphere Client – HTML5-based GUI that ensures fast performance and cross-platform compatibility
Security-at-Scale – Policy-driven security that makes securing infrastructure operationally simple
Encryption – VM-level encryption protects unauthorized data access both at-rest and in-motion
Audit-quality logging – Enhanced logging that provides forensic information about user actions
Secure Boot – Protection for both the hypervisor and guest operating system by ensuring images have not been tampered with and preventing loading of unauthorized components
vSphere Integrated Containers™ – Virtual infrastructure platform for containers
Proactive HA – High availability capability that utilizes server health information and migrates VMs from degraded hosts before problem occurs
Cross-Cloud vMotion® – Live migrate workloads between VMware based clouds
Virtual Volumes™ Replication – Native array virtual volumes replication
Licence Edition - (Image from whats new doc)

Documents for your study and certification

Thanks to for making it available for free....

vSphere Installation and Setup Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Upgrade Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Migration Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vCenter Server and Host Management Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vCenter Server Appliance Configuration Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Virtual Machine Administration Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Host Profiles Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Networking Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Storage Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Security Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Resource Management Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Availability Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Monitoring and Performance Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Single Host Management – VMware Host Clienthtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Administration with the vSphere Client Guidehtmlpdfepubmobi
vSphere Troubleshootinghtmlpdfepubmobi
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