Wednesday, July 8, 2015

VMware tools install from command line.

Installation of VMware tool with GUI is very very painful process with slow mouse movement & keyboard long key press... and if you are connected to the environment from VPN with slow connection you are dead. :-)

to overcome this issue best way to run only 2 commands get the VMware tools installed.

1) To Mount the VMware tools ISO to VM with with VMware powercli

a) open power CLI

b) run the command 
connect-viserver VCENTER_NAME

c) run the below command
Mount-Tools [[-Guest] <VMGuest[]>] [<CommonParameters>] 
Mount-Tools [[-VM] <VirtualMachine[]>] [[-Server] <VIServer[]>] [<CommonParameters>]
Example: Mount-Tool -VM Rahim_VM1

Note: this will require the interactive installation of VMware tools inside of VM (Windows /Linux)

2) To start the installation of VMware in windows machine you can run one single command with command line, it will install the VMware tools on VM silently & reboot the server.
For 64bit system: 
D:\Setup64.exe /S /V"/qn

For 32 bit system;
D:\Setup.exe /S /V"/qn

Wthis 2 small command you can automate the instillation of VMware tools on multiple VM.

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